NUA Securities (Pvt.) Limited was incorporated on 1st February 2006 as private limited company under the company Ordinance 1984. Prior to incorporation of NUA Securities (Pvt.) Limited, since 1977 business was managed under the name and style of M. Nisar M. Usman Ashrafi. The company is a corporate member of Pakistan Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited.

N.U.A is a leading full service brokerage and provides brokerage and custodial service to its retail and institutional clients. N.U.A has always endeavored to match excellence. We are a forward-looking firm. N.U.A Securities is well aware of the enormous impact of globalization and technological advancement in the Stock. We are continuously striving to avail emerging opportunities in the ever changing world of Stock Market. At N.U.A Securities, we believe in quality service to our clients.

The Management

The Company is managed by a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced professionals and well-reputed sponsors.

The management team carries vast experience of the capital markets and enjoys a competitive edge with its risk management skills to make prudent investment decisions taken on rational equity market analysis.

The key members of the management team are as under:

Mr.Muhammad Nisar – (Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Nisar Usman Ashrafi is the Chief Executive of the Company. He obtained his Bachelors in Commerce from, University of Karachi, Karachi. He has been member of Pakistan Stock Exchange from 1977. He also served as member of arbitration committee of Pakistan stock exchange. He has vast experience in equity markets and is well known in the social and business community.

Muhammad Anees Suriya – (Head of Operation)

Mr. Anees Suriya is the head of operation manager. He joined the company in 2014, he has experience in custody and clearing equity market since 1994.